From sandwiches to sushi, Starbucks is stepping up their culinary game. The coffee chain has added a sushi burrito to their list of delectables; however, don’t grab your keys just yet. It’s only offered in two Chicago locations.

Starbuck’s sushi burrito, the illustrious Chicken Maki Roll, is an exclusive addition to the chain’s Mercato lunch menu. The two fortunate Chicago Starbucks to land this gem of a menu item just opened their doors last week.

Described as a classic California chicken burrito with a twist, this sushi burrito may make standing in the lunchtime crowd worth the wait.

If the idea of a slow cooked shredded chicken, fire roasted tomatillo salsa, lime crema, fresh cucumber and pickled cabbage with onions, avocado and crispy onions rolled in rice and wrapped in nori sounds like a party in your mouth, then you’re probably salivating like we are.

The Chicago shops also provide more must-indulge-in menu options with their Chimichurri Chicken & Manchego Cheese Sandwich and Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwich which includes Beecher’s Flagship cheese, parmesan cheese and a blend of burrata.

When the two locations were remodeled by Claudine Lostao, the director of Store Design for Starbucks in the Midwest and Mid-America, she had a plan to create a space that complemented the updated Mercato menu. “The store environment has a feeling of lightness and liveliness that allows the great food to be highlighted.”

If you’re not plotting your next trip to Chicago just yet, the soup and dessert menus should speed up that process. The culinary cheer continues with the Organic Tomato Basil and Chicken & Quinoa soup along with two dessert pots: Strawberries & Lemon Créme and Chocolate Pot de Créme sourced with Colombian chocolate. Grab-and-go at Starbucks has never sounded so enticing.

Perhaps it’s time to rename Chicago Flavortown. If your tongue is hankering for a taste of Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with caramel drizzle and the new sushi burrito, the two charmed locations offering both are located at 35th and State Streets in Bronzeville and LaSalle and Monroe in the Loop.

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