Craig Boncler from Houston, Texas had a hard call to make. Recently, he was forced to put his hat in his hand and humble himself to the internet community. But he had very good reason.

Craig is a single father in a particularly tough situation. It all begins with the fact that he’s a restaurant owner. Times are tough for his restaurant. He makes sure his employees get paid. But he hasn’t been able to pay himself for months.

He has fallen behind on his car payment. He is also in jeopardy of losing his home because he’s behind on his mortgage. But that’s not even the worst part of it.

Sicily Pizza And Pasta At 13147 Northwest Freeway

single father

He has three sons and they each require insulin. He’s about to run out of their supply and he can’t afford to get the refills. On top of that, his middle son, Christopher, has pituitary dwarfism and he can’t afford the growth hormones he needs.

Craig’s restaurant is a good one. There are no issues with the food. In fact, people love his food and he serves a great menu. The problem is his location.

The county decided to do roadwork on the highway that runs right in front of the strip center where his restaurant is located. The thing is that construction started a long time ago and there is no end in sight. That happens sometimes and it’s awful. Craig has watched other stores in that strip center close one by one. But he’s determined to stay open.

Customers Are Answering The Call

single father

For the financial problems Craig is facing, he didn’t ask for handouts. That’s what makes this story so much more special. He’s willing to earn the money he needs. All he wants is for people to come into his restaurant and buy a meal.

There are several crowdfunding sources that were put into place at and They will do some good. But Craig would rather earn his keep and have people who want to help simply come into his restaurant and get a good meal. Can’t beat that!

Sicily Pizza & Pasta
13147 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77040

Single Father Struggling To Pay For Insulin

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