It might come as a shock to some people. But Pickle Juice Soda is a thing and it’s the thing people are drinking these days. What is Pickle Juice Soda? Good question!

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop has actually created the soda that is made of salt, vinegar, and sugar pumped up by some carbonation. They’ve got it priced pretty high as any trend would be if it’s going to make its mark. You can get it for $2.50 a bottle in their stores or $10 if you buy it online.

Why would anyone want to drink a carbonated pickle juice drink? It’s actually not a bad drink even though it has the potential to make you pucker up those lips. Have you ever tried to drink it right out of the jar? If you give it a shot, you might find that you like the drink just fine.

Pickle Juice Is A Miracle Worker

hot girl drinking pickle juice soda

Once when I was young, I came in from a game of basketball. I looked in the refrigerator for some refreshing hydration and I saw the pickle jar. For some reason, my mind naturally craved the juice. I took a drink and it hit the spot. That was before studies started showing how pickle juice can actually keep a body from cramping and it’s great hydration after taking it all out of you during exercise.

A Steadily Growing Trend

everyne drinking it

What these guys are doing is probably an entirely different story. But sucking down the pickle juice is a thing now. Whether they’re trying to see who can drink it down the fastest or they’ve joined a club that enjoys pickle juice as their official drink, it’s becoming apparent that pickle juice has many benefits. Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop has just found a way to capitalize on that.

The Pickle Juice Soda Craze

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