If you pay attention, your body is constantly giving you signals that something is wrong. To the extreme end of the spectrum, a woman’s body will go through several indicators that she is about to go into labor.

Your eyes are no different.

The human eye actually works as a window of sorts into your overall health. Certain changes, even the most minuscule, can alert you that something is wrong internally and you need to call your doctor to get checked out.

Here are some of the most common – and sometimes mind-blowing – things your eyes are telling you about your body:

Disappearing Eyebrows

If the outer third of your eyebrow starts to disappear on its own seemingly without cause this is a sign of thyroid disease.

A Recurring Or Long-Lasting Stye

If a stye doesn’t clear up in three months or keeps recurring in the same spot, it could be an indicator of a rare cancer called sebaceous gland carcinoma.

Blurry Vision Or Burning Eyes While Using A Computer

In today’s high-tech world, this is becoming increasingly common. Blurred vision or burning eyes while using a computer is the result of “computer vision syndrome” (CVS). The eyestrain is partially caused by the lack of contrast on a computer screen and the extra work involved in focusing on the picture element.

A Small Blind Spot With Shimmering Lights Or A Wavy Line

Oftentimes accompanied by a headache, this disturbance in your vision is called a “migraine aura.”

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