Women’s Salaries Peak At 39, Men’s at 48

Women’s salaries begin to grow around their 30s, and by close to 40 they’re earning the most amount of money in their career. For men, that age jumps up to close to their 50s.

Life Satisfaction Peaks at 69

Though life satisfaction reaches a high at around 23, you experience a dip during your mid-life and then a peak at the end of your 60s. By that age, you’ve come to accept old age, the kids are well-off and are giving you grandchildren, and many are retired.

Vocabulary Peaks In Your Late 60s

Try playing Scrabble with any older person and they’ll likely beat the pants off of you! That’s because by the time you’ve reached 70 you’ve experienced so much of life that you’ve heard the most amount of words you’ll ever hear in your life.

Psychological Well-Being Peaks at 82

Studies conducted have found that people in their mid-80s gave the highest numbers when it came to the time in their life in which they psychologically felt the best they’ve ever felt. By that age, they’ve accepted old age and live life every day to maximum contentment.

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