When health experts talk about food additives and how some of them aren’t healthy, or none of them are healthy, it’s hard to visualize. That’s because companies are adding these things in our food and the FDA approves it. Why would the FDA approve something that isn’t healthy?

But then, a story goes viral about an ice cream sandwich that doesn’t melt. That’s when the reality of the situation begins to set in. Why isn’t the ice cream sandwich melting in nearly 80 degrees of heat?

Have You Ever Noticed Your Ice Cream Sandwich Not Melt?

ice cream sandwich

That’s a good question. It appears that Mary Salter from Grafton, Australia noticed the phenomenon first. Her grandson was given an ice cream sandwich made by a company called Cole’s. Mary describes the scene where her grandson was eating the “treat” outside and it fell apart on him.

One half fell on the concrete. So, her grandson threw the other half in the grass. How she dealt with her grandson over that is not part of the story. But she did notice that four days went by and the ice cream sandwich hadn’t melted yet. Also, and just as concerning, nothing had eaten it yet. Ants weren’t interested. Not one dog cared that it was there.

Something Isn’t Adding Up!

ice cream sandwich

What is up with that? Mary posted this story on Facebook and she was genuinely looking for an answer. After all, it’s disturbing! She reported the weather being an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit during this time frame. What are we feeding our kids if the ice cream refuses to melt?

The odd thing is that I’ve never had a problem with that. I have to eat ice cream sandwiches pretty fast or they melt in my hand. But videos started popping up left and right. People were investigating and coming up with some interesting findings. Lesser quality foods, as in the discount foods you find in a grocery store right beside the name brand stuff, appears to be the kind of ice cream that doesn’t melt.

So, what’s that about?

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