Hollywood has the unique ability to either motivate the people who live there or stomp them down until they no longer have the will to live. There are plenty of people who didn’t measure up to the standards Hollywood holds so high. They ran home and never thought again about accomplishing anything in Tinseltown.

But when people get motivated, that’s an entirely different story. Instead of running, they lose themselves in the life that makes Hollywood what it is. No matter what they want out of La La Land, it always includes a fitness routine because looking good is on the top of everyone’s list.

These macho men did just that. They were overweight men who poured themselves into nutrition and fitness. But they don’t just look good with phenomenal numbers that should inspire you. They’ve actually converted their lives into helping others who are in the same boat.

Eli Sapharti Lost 119 Lbs.

eli sapharti

Eli weighed 299 lbs when his marriage fell apart. He was at a very low point in his life when he decided to turn it all around. It took him 4 years, but he is now 180 lbs and he shares his experience to motivate others.

Jeremy Reid Lost 90 Lbs.

jeremy reid

It took Jeremy 10 years to go from 279 to 189 lbs. But the road was worth it. He looks like he could be on a magazine cover. It’s all about sticking with it. But there are people on this list that will literally blow your mind with how fast they took off huge amounts of weight. Wait until you get to a man named Noah.

Luiz Trigo Lost 230 Lbs.

luiz trigo

Luiz was almost 400 lbs about 6 years ago. The first thing he lost was his job. Then, his girlfriend left him. The final blow was when his doctors told him that he was about to lose his life. He has a great life now at 169 lbs. He’s a personal trainer helping others lose weight and he has a brand new girlfriend. Life completely restored!