It’s the hardest part of any lifestyle change. No matter the regimen, no matter the eating program, that little kid inside all of us can’t help but scream for treats every now and again. Sweet treats – candy and cookies, cakes and pie. Even after a bountiful meal which fulfills your nutritional needs while adding days (if not months or years) to our lives, we still want that bowl of ice cream, or that forbidden frozen yogurt.

Believe it or not, the treats listed below are easily obtainable and contain just a few of those pesky calories. Even better, they’re designed to put that craving for sugar to sleep so you can move forward toward achieving your goals. Check it out:

Fat Free/Sugar Free Pudding With Nuts (192 Calories)

There are several sensational brands out there that can easily turn your diet’s dessert into a delight. Add nuts for extra protein and a bit of crunch.

A Slice Of Pear With Almond Butter (197 Calories)

So much better than a boring old apple, and the addition of the nut spread provides added nutritional value.

Grapes Drizzled In Honey (205 Calories)

The bee’s byproduct is so good for you, and the fruit contains a powerful antioxidant that we all could use.

Sugar Free Red Vines (90 Calories)

Most candy is fat free – just watch the ingredients list. Some of these sugarless products contain a chemical which causes digestive issues.

Dark Chocolate And Light Cheese (185 Calories)

A terrific combination, and both are so very good for you. Remember, the more cacao, the better.

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