Normally time taken off in the workplace is used for either vacation or sickness, but a Michigan web developer decided to take a couple days off to “focus on my mental health,” she explained in a company-wide email. The CEO then responded to the email and expressed his gratitude for her honest response. But it wasn’t just the honesty for the sake of being honest that he admired.

The woman posted both her original email and her boss’s response on Twitter:

A few days following, the CEO authored an op-ed post for

“It’s 2017,” he said. “I cannot believe that it is still controversial to speak about mental health in the workplace when 1 in 6 Americans are medicated for mental health … We are in a knowledge economy. Our jobs require us to execute at peak mental performance. When an athlete is injured, they sit on the bench and recover. Let’s get rid of the idea that somehow the brain is different.”

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