As kids, one of the many things our moms always instructed us to do was wear our helmet whenever we rode a bike. Like practically everything else she told us to do, we simply moaned and rolled our eyes. Dad never told us to wear our helmets – he thought it was pretty cool to not wear a helmet – but we did it anyway because, you know, it was Mom telling us.

However, once you take a look at these pictures you’ll realize exactly why Mom always insisted on you wearing those really dumb-looking helmets.

Just Skidding

Too many motorcyclists have lost their lives in accidents, some of whom died not from the collision but from the skidding that took place right after. This is undoubting evidence that helmets protect you from that!

Hard Hat

You’re not allowed on a construction site without wearing a hard hat, and this is why. Heavy debris can fall at any time, and it’s imperative that you have the necessary equipment to literally save your head from, well, being split open.

Face Guard

Helmets with face guards provide an even greater amount of protection. Can you imagine what this person’s face would have looked like had they not been wearing this?


This picture was from a cyclist who smashed his head into a wall going close to 50 mph downhill. If it weren’t for the helmet, the cyclist’s head would have taken the impact!

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