People who travel in high fashion are usually on the lookout for some high class places to wine and dine. While there are a good many restaurants in the world’s major cities, the German Gymnasium in London just might have them all beat in terms of sheer gorgeousness and elegance.

Don’t let its exterior looks deceive you, for inside this building (which is situated between St. Pancras and King’s Cross stations) is the most posh and sparkling restaurant that you’ve ever laid eyes on.

The architecture still reflects its past life as an actual functional gymnasium. In fact, the gym held the first indoor Olympic games in 1866! The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards recently named it as the Best Overall Restaurant, and it’s easy to see why.

Luxury is a staple component of the dining experience, as it features three-course tasting menus, polished and sophisticated décor, and hand-and-foot-service. But that isn’t the extent of what they have to offer.

Private and group dining areas are available, including other such amenities like the Grand Café, the Meister Bar, an al fresco terrace, and a patisserie counter. Every day at 4pm, guests can delight in the “kaffee und kuchen,” which is the German term for the part of the day in which you consume coffee and various baked goods – all of which are available from a wide selection.

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