Normally, people don’t like to work out unless it’s fun. This summer, you just might have your answer. It’s the Hobie Mirage Eclipse and you don’t work out sitting still in a gym. You take this bad boy out on the water.

Most workouts are demanding and grueling. You might walk into a gym and be overwhelmed by the machines. You have no idea how they work and there are hilarious videos on YouTube showing people using them wrong. You don’t want to be that guy, internet famous because you look like an idiot on a workout machine.

Getting A Workout On A Paddleboard


So, you try other things. Some people do some secret dancing in their home because dancing is fun. Then, exercise gurus came along and started incorporating dancing into their 90-minute video workouts like they had just invented the wheel. Dancing is something that can get you in shape if you want to do it every day for about 30 minutes or more.

Playing basketball can be a good workout every day. That’s the kind of thing that gets your heart rate up and it’s a game. You’re playing a game. Get competitive and you’ll push yourself to play longer because you want to win.

Take Your Dog On Your Workout


But the Hobie Mirage Eclipse might be something you want to look into if things like dancing and basketball don’t do it for you. It’s like an eclipse machine in the gym. But it’s an eclipse on a paddleboard that only works in the water.

You get handlebars to help you steer and they offer stability. There is a rudder that helps navigate and you propel by taking steps. You have just added a butt load of fun to a workout. You should get out there and do it every day.

Watch How Fun It Can Be

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