At some point in your life, you’ve had a goal to change something about your lifestyle and you were really committed – at first.

Maybe you wanted to lose those last 20 pounds of baby weight or get more sleep at night. Quitting smoking or exercising more are certainly easier said than done, but changes that benefit not just you, but your loved ones.

You may be sitting there reading this right now thinking, “I’ve really been meaning to eat healthier, but…”

Time constraints in one form or another is likely the biggest reason you haven’t started or carried through with it, but that all changes today.

Take a look at these tiny changes you can make that will give you the healthy lifestyle and positive changes you desire.

Make Breakfast A Priority

…And ordering a latte doesn’t count. This is age-old advice that will last for an eternity. Your body needs fuel to effectively function at the level it’s supposed to and that starts with giving it a boost first thing in the morning. Eating a breakfast meal that consists of lean meat and fiber will keep you fuller longer and will be exactly what your body needs to start and keep going. Avoid greasy fast food breakfasts; not only are they not good for you, the number of carbs in them will have you crashing by lunch.

Make Time To Prepare Your Lunch

This tip will not just make you feel smarter financially by saving money, but you will also reap the benefits of not feeling forced into going to that sugar-filled, carb-crazy lunch spot with your co-workers. Choosing simple foods like fruits and veggies will propel you through your afternoon reports and meetings without that heavy feeling. It will also save you time from having to go across the street for your meal, which means you won’t be so quick to skip lunch.

Do Away With The Table Free-For-All

Eating dinner with your family may be one of the rules you insist on as a parent. But you don’t have to load your table up with serving dishes overflowing with food in order to enjoy your family at supper time. Leave the food on the counter and only take what you will eat. If you feel you’re still hungry, you’ve just made it harder to fill your plate up with seconds.

Load Up On The Veggies

If you pile your plate high with broccoli, green beans, salad, and other veggies, you leave less room for processed meats and sugar-loaded carbs.

Avoid Doing Things While You’re Eating

Just about every person with a desk job has been guilty of eating lunch while they catch up on some work. Stop doing it! This leads you to be distracted while you’re eating, which allows over-eating to occur. Focus on your meal or snack and you will be much more conscious of when you’re full.

Pay Attention To Your Portions

Just take what you can eat; this may mean just a spoonful of your favorite mashed potatoes, but so be it. If you start thinking even for a split second you’ve had enough, you probably have.

Put Your Fork Down In Between Bites

Putting your fork down between bites makes you more conscious of how much you’re eating while slowing down your food intake. Both of these leads to less calories being consumed because you won’t be over-eating.

Be A Smart Snacker

When you’re trying to lose weight, snacking can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Make it the former by choosing fruit or protein bars instead of chips or candy bars. You’ll be consuming fewer calories with more vitamins and nutrients – it’s a win-win!


In the year 2017, this seems virtually impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. Turn off your TV, tablet, or smartphone and let your body and brain get the rest it deserves. There’s actually a weight loss reason to get better sleep, too: Sleep helps keep the appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin in check. Without the proper amount of those hormones, they become imbalanced, thus leading to an increased appetite.

Eat Healthy – Even On The Weekends

This is definitely tough when you have plans with your friends or have a schedule filled with running your kids around town to activities all weekend, but not eating healthy on weekends can be your biggest saboteur. Think about it: if you tell yourself Monday through Friday “Just wait until the weekend,” you’re setting yourself up for a weekend of over-compensating. Stick to your healthy eating habits you’ve used all week for consistency. You’ll find your junk food cravings will become diminished in no time.

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