Gradually, more and more people are transitioning over to a vegetarian lifestyle for reasons such as health, religion or personal beliefs. What many don’t realize is that being a vegetarian goes beyond avoiding the obvious meat. If you’re thinking of removing meat from your diet, there are a few things you should know, like the amount of meat that’s hidden in the food you eat regularly.

Red Candies
Everyone has heard to avoid red dye because it induces hyperactive behavior but not many have acknowledged the elephant in the room — or shall we say, insect in the room. Red dye is extracted from the female cochineal bug. Think about that next time you order a Shirley Temple.

Cake Mix
Congrats on grabbing the ‘eggless’ mixture, but you must be curious as to how the batter stays so light and fluffy. The egg in the mix is replaced by pig fat. Yummy — not!

Gelatine is a given when it comes to chewing gum but what many may not realize is where exactly the gelatine is coming from. The answer, my veggie loving friend, is from the skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones of pigs and cows.

If animal by-product doesn’t ruffle your feathers and you’re a lover of all dishes that come with a mountain of cheese, you may want to lean in. Certain cheese contain the enzyme Rennet. The enzyme is extracted from the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Rennet is also found in those dark and white chocolates that don’t use whey powder.

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