It’s summer, baby. Time to bust out our bikinis and flip flops. Sunblock and killa shades. Daiquiris and wine slushies. And let’s not forget the most perfect snack for sweltering days at the beach: watermelon.
People are putting a brand new spin on this refreshing, juicy treat. They are using a slice of watermelon, held up in front of them in a picture, to cover their body. The illusion makes the person posing look like they’re wearing a watermelon dress. And it’s absolutely hilarious. All you have to do is bite a slice of watermelon a couple times to form a dress-looking shape. And voila.

The pictures probably turn out the best when the poser is wearing a bathing suit, or, maybe even nothing. As long as they have a close relationship with the photographer, it’s okay, right? In order to get the true illusion of the dress, you can’t really have shirt sleeves or pants sticking out.

Now, this fun little trend isn’t just for women. Some men are daring enough to try it, too. We commend you.

Parents even dressed up their babies in watermelon. Can you say adorable?

Inspired yet? Now go find a friend that knows how to craft the perfect watermelon dress with their teeth. Have them hold it up. And pose your little heart out for the camera.

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