If your mouth feels weird after you bite into a raw apple or a carrot, you are not alone. It’s good to be aware about what it is, though, because even though it’s kind of common, not knowing could possibly be dangerous. Dangerous enough that you might need to seek medical help.

But before you start flipping out, it’s not common that people need to be that drastic about what is referred to as Oral Allergy Syndrome. Think of any other allergy you might have and that’s how serious you need to take this one. Of course, that’s a case-by-case basis.

Will Smith After Eating Raw Fruits

Raw Fruits

Some allergies make people break out in hives while others restrict breathing, and those are the allergies to take super seriously. Other allergies might make people sneeze for a day, which is annoying at most. Gauge this one by your experience with other allergies.

This one is more like an allergic reaction to pollen. That’s because it’s related to pollen. The video goes into greater detail about what Oral Allergy Syndrome actually has in common with pollen.

The Universe Is Full Of Raw Fruits

Raw Fruits

So, you can combat that by washing your apples. Actually giving them a good rinse rather than a once over is more like it. How many of you were told when you were children to rinse the apples? Those old remedies didn’t exist for no reason. Rinse the apples! After all, they grow on trees and they are out there in nature right where the pollen is. Doesn’t it make more sense now?

That’s just one remedy and that applies to all raw fruits and vegetables. Another remedy is to cook your favorite fruits and vegetables. If you love them that much to put your life in danger to eat them, put them in a pie or a stew. You’ll live through your Oral Allergy Syndrome just fine and you’ll never get tired of my sarcasm.

What Is Oral Allergy Syndrome?

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