You’re eating right, exercising regularly, but the stubborn scale won’t move. Speaking honestly, we could all try a little harder when it comes to what we put in and work out of our bodies. Fitness is a lifestyle and the best results come when you find a form of exercise you enjoy. However, if you have sworn to healthy living and still see no results, there are a couple of reasons why you might not be getting the results you desire.

Wrong Food Alert
There is a saying that abs are made in the kitchen. The truth is you can’t out-exercise a poor diet. Don’t focus all of your energy on burning calories without looking at what you’re putting in as fuel. What goes into your mouth should be directly dependent on your body and metabolism type.

While natural and whole foods are a quick and dirty way to live clean, there are methods of tricking your body into shedding weight better. Hold off on eating starches until strength training and heavy exercise days. If you’re planning an easy day of not so rigorous cardio, lean toward proteins and vegetables. Avoid processed foods altogether. If you’re struggling to identify what qualifies as processed food, the struggle to pronounce ingredients is a telltale sign to ditch that food.

Portions Gone Crazy
So your diet is clean but the weight loss isn’t there. Perhaps it’s time to put down the fork and step away from the plate. Often times because we are eating a healthier food, we feel entitled to be able to eat more. The truth is, in order to lose weight, there needs to be a calorie deficit. You should be burning more calories than you are consuming. Swapping 500 calories of Doritos for 5 bags of 100 calorie snacks won’t cut it. Work hard to create a balance rather than deprive yourself of pleasures. Deprivation often results in inevitable binge eating. Counting calories can become time-consuming and stressful so physically monitor yourself. Eat slowly enough to feel yourself filling up and end the meal before you’re full. Keep healthy snacks with real ingredients on hand. Feeling a weak moment coming? Treat yourself to a semi-healthy guilty pleasure like a couple of dark chocolate covered strawberries or Halo Top ice cream.

Cardio Overload
Cardio is fantastic! It helps your heart, boosts your metabolism, and decreases your snoring at night; however, depending solely on cardio or even having too much of it in your regimen can do more harm than good. Extended cardio can corrode lean muscle mass, the very thing that increases your metabolism in order to burn more calories. Yes, cardio can slow down your metabolism! Training your body to focus on endurance means that your body is looking to store away that extra fat as a backup fuel tank for all the work it is anticipating. As a goal, try not to exceed 90 minutes of cardio. Getting fit is about working hard, not long.

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