It may sound like some bizarre scenario from some futuristic movie, but it’s true. A biotech startup company called Ambrosia is spearheading the project which allows people to be injected with donated blood from teenagers for a nominal fee of $8,000. So far the company has 100 ready and willing clients.

While the minimum age for the transfusion is 35, most of the clients are all over the age of 50. The blood comes entirely from blood banks, and all of the blood is from people under the age of 25.

The process is based off of experiments done on older mice which experienced increased memory after being injected with the blood of younger mice. If the same thing works with humans, then the blood recipients should experience both increased memory and significant decreasing of the aging process.

While the process hasn’t been scientifically proven, Ambrosia founder Dr. Jesse Karmazin hopes to test the theory soon. Trial participants have already claimed to experience lower cholesterol and lower carcinogens.

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