Whether you’re sore from too many evenings hitting the gym or you’re stale and rusty from sitting at a desk all week, this list of hip stretches will have you sighing in painful pleasure in no time. Take a few minutes before dinner or before bed to give your body the good stretching that it needs.


This stretch is a favorite because it allows you to focus on one hip at a time. Sit down on the floor, put one leg flat out behind you, and lean over with your hands in front of you.

Double Pigeon

To intensify this pose, walk your hands out past your feet as far as you can and hold. Sit Indian-style and then pull one ankle to sit on top of the opposite thigh.

Extended Wide Squat

This one opens up your lower back, a place that is super hard to stretch out normally. Get in a squat position, then sink even lower and graze the ground for balance.


To get an equally amazing feel, draw your toes out further and bend your face down to the floor. This will work the back of your legs and feels slightly different than the original stretch. Touch the bottoms of your feet together and push your knees down if it’s too easy.

Open Lizard

This stretch feels heavenly after a long day of sitting in a desk chair, collecting dust. Get in a regular lunge position, then bend down, bring your chest past your knee, and rest your elbows on the floor.

Wide-Legged Split

If this is too difficult, you can also hold yourself up on your hands; just place them out in front of you and hold your weight up to your level of comfort. You can start off standing and walk your feet out to the sides, slowly lowering yourself into the split.

Head to Knee

This one targets the hamstrings, hips, and even back. Get in a pike position, but bend one leg and focus on leaning towards just one knee at a time.

Happy Baby

The key to this stretch is relaxing; don’t tense up in your neck and shoulders. Lay flat on your back, grab the insides of your feet, and pull. Keep your legs out wide.

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